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Indonesian Lovatics

"Made In The USA" gets a new peak position on V CountDown as it lands on #2 this week! Keep voting on http://t.co/u8OnwzYGJy


4 years ago

Goga Ruiz-Sandoval

Peidler (ARG) y Marczynski (VCD) en punta a 1:35" ya empezaron a subir la primera parte del PdM final... Basso y Horner sin coequiperos


4 years ago

Movistar Team

Comienza la parte dura del puerto (-7 km) con aproximadamente 1’ para Marczynski (VCD) sobre el grupo de los #movistarteam. #lavuelta


4 years ago

Amir Muhammad

Stood up for Negaraku b4 movie screening at cinema last night. The visuals macam VCD but to its credit got no depictions of politicians.


4 years ago

Chris Wolf

vCD - RIP - http://t.co/jiRh1o7QpF via @PariseauTT - I feel bad for Lab Manager customers that migrated to vCD; now must do it again


4 years ago


[TIGA] รายการ DVD/VCD ออกใหม่ใน เดือน กันยายน 2556 http://t.co/YRl18hsj0t คุโรโกะ แผ่น 1 มาแล้ว


4 years ago


雨量が多い場合は、浜松町ではなく隣のJR新橋で降りて、ゆり- かもめ竹芝駅で降りていただければ、駅から徒歩2分です。 都- 営バスなら 浜95 品川車庫前⇔東京タワー  http://t.co/w0zs- kffNMV が最寄りのバス停に停まります。


4 years ago

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